The Campaign to Stabilize Shelter

Too many families are just one payment away from losing their home. Precious lives lost, job losses and cost of living increases have made missed payments more likely.

Identifying The Crisis

Before COVID-19, half of all renters were moderately or severely cost-burdened, with at least 30 to 50 percent of their household income going toward housing costs. Cost-burdened renters and homeowners, particularly those of color, are the most at risk of eviction due to the increased likelihood of missing payments.

Americans everywhere are on the precipice of losing their houses, their homes, their shelter.

Housing Insecurity

Housing insecurity can take a number of forms: homelessness; housing cost burden; residential instability; evictions and other forced moves; living with family or friends to share housing costs (doubling- up); overcrowding; living in substandard, poor quality housing; or living in neighborhoods that are unsafe and lack access to transportation, jobs, quality schools, and other critical amenities.


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